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We are fast approaching the finish line for 2014, so it’s time to turbo charge your sales to come in first place across that finish line!

All winners know that sales are crucial to any business and that relationships take time. These high performers also know that customer relations are for life not a one shot deal. With less than 60 days before the close of 2014 it’s too late to start building rapport. So what must you do to quickly rev up sales?

5 High Performer Strategies:

  1. Find out what people need. Call all of the prospects that were lukewarm about the purchase throughout the year. Don’t go for the straight sale. Take a genuine interest in the client and find out what their current needs are. Ask! Ask! And Ask! Ask about their wants and needs. Ask if there’s anything that you can help them with. Become their problem solver. You’ll be surprised at the things that you learn just by asking questions. You may just have the solution that they need now.
  2. Promote and position yourself. Use social media, blog, e-mail and top SEO ranking to position yourself as the leading expert in your field. Today, social media is a MUST not a should. Get a short video testimonial from your clients. Use your phone to record it and upload to your social media. Testimonials sell more than sales people.
  3. Ask for referrals. Friends and clients are the best source of referrals. It is much easier to sell to someone that was referred than it is to find and sell to a new prospect. We’re in the home stretch now so be bold, be passionate!
  4. Discipline. In sales it is easy to become distracted and have the hours just slip away. You must spend a minimum of 3 hours per day on revenue generating activities. That means phone calls, on line marketing, promotions and social media. Send a provocative e-mail creating curiosity about your products or services. Follow this method for 30 days straight and you will see your revenue jump.
  5. Unrelenting desire to be #1 in the world. You must have the personal desire to be the best and own it. With this comes a perpetual, consistent, positive attitude. No one wants to buy from a Debbie Downer. Be excited and passionate about your company and your product. Watch your body language. Make eye contact. And for goodness sake please smile…especially over the phone. People are naturally drawn to this type of positive and enthusiastic energy. Your sales will reflect this winning attitude.

With just a few laps to go in 2014 you can still boost your sales regardless of whether you’ve already met or exceeded your goals. If you’re lagging behind this is your chance to catch up. Finish strong and finish proud.