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Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the term “life coach”? What the heck is a life coach anyway? I’m a coach and sometimes I struggle with the term. As coaching increases in popularity and acceptance, I believe that in the near future it will be a common household term.

Here are 3 common misperceptions about coaching:

1. The client has a bad life.

Some people have the perception that coaches are hired because the client has a “bad life” or somehow doesn’t have their life together. The truth is people that seek coaching tend to be self aware and know they need guidance to make a change.

The question to ask is, “Do I have an area of my life that needs improvement?” It could be as simple as figuring out why you’re always late to meetings, or something more frustrating as why you can’t seem to meet the right person.

2. Everyone has become a coach or a consultant.

Coaching is the second largest growing industry after IT. There’s good reason for that. As our lives become more chaotic and demanding, people have taken a huge interest in the areas of personal growth and well-being. People are looking for pro-active solutions and coaching offers that. The result, coaches enter the field to meet demand.

I was drawn into the field back in 2006 for personal reasons so that I could learn how to balance professional and personal demands. The unexpected result is that this training helped me to be a better leader. Coaching helps us focus on the things that are truly important to each one of us.

3. Coaching is therapy.

Coaching has a therapeutic benefit however it is not therapy. Coaching looks at what’s going on in the present while therapy heals wounds of the past.

I see coaching as results oriented. Though coaching we can shift our perspective and alter the way that we view things in order to achieve the results we desire. Coaching is transformational.

Coaching has been around since the 1970’s. My coaching teacher, Debbie Ford (1955-2013) was one of the pioneers in transformational coaching. If you have ever heard of her or read one of her books, maybe you thought she was just the self help lady. Another example of someone who was at the forefront of coaching is Tony Robbins. He’s more than the guy who jumps around on stage and gets you pumped up. He has coached some of the most famous and influential people of our time. Coaching is used by Fortune 500 CEO’s, political figures, business people or anyone that wants to be the best at what they do.

So now you know what coaching is. It’s just like hiring a sports coach to help you improve your golf swing or your tennis game. When you consider hiring a coach find out about the person’s qualifications and life experience. Determine whether you trust them to guide you in achieving the changes that you want to make.

As a trusted advisor to my clients, I bring years of experience as an attorney, entrepreneur, mother and coach. If you’re interested in coaching, find someone who resonates with you.