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piggybank Now that summer is over it’s a good time to look at your financial goals for 2014. Have you surpassed your wealth and abundance goals for the year? How does the next year look for you?

If you’re on track yet feel that things could be better or if you haven’t quite reached your goals then you may be subconsciously creating blocks to wealth and abundance. Our beliefs about money come from our culture and our parents. We create beliefs based on things that we heard as children. Maybe as kids we overheard our parents complain about work and we created a belief that it’s hard to make money. Or maybe our religious leaders said that money is the root of all evil? We may even have a limiting belief that we don’t deserve to live an abundant life.

These subconscious beliefs drive our actions and also the way we show up in the world. They create our models of reality. They also create energetic blocks that prevent us from achieving the financial goals that we so desire. Once created, these blocks exist despite an individual’s level of wealth.

What would you do differently if your annual income became your monthly income? What would the quality of your life be like if you went from worrying about paying bills or being stuck in a boring 9-5 job to a life where you thought about buying the nice things that you deserve or have the idea of giving back to your community through philanthropy? What if you could significantly increase your level of abundance?

99% of us are blocked from achieving abundance because of blocks that have been created in our subconscious mind. These blocks exist all your life and sneak up on you to prevent you from creating real abundance by creating fear and doubt. Evaluating your level of fulfillment and your definition of financial success is more of an emotional issue than a material one.

You can change these beliefs by:

  1. Taking conscious steps to change your finances ;
  2. Creative visualization and hypnosis to program yourself to take action;
  3. Discover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Through business coaching you can learn how to change those limiting beliefs to create financial wealth and abundance. This change will last a lifetime and create unexpected benefits in your business and personal life.