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You may think that this is a trick question.  It’s not!  While I may not be able to pinpoint your exact location in the future, I can predict with accuracy using the arsenal in my coaching toolbox that you will probably be close to where you’re at right now.

I was surprised to learn that only 20% of the population sets goals for themselves!   Roughly 30% of those that do set goals ever achieve them.  It’s no wonder that people feel frustrated, stuck and generally in a perpetual state of “blah.”  Statistics show that only 33% of the population is “happy” with their life.  What about the other 67% who live in the doldrums?

The questions become, why is it that so many people are unhappy and how can it be fixed?  In other articles, I’ve discussed effective goal setting techniques. While reaching goals gives us a personal sense of satisfaction, that’s only part of the equation.  The other part is that happiness is a state of mind.  We are our own worst enemy when it comes to what we feed our minds.

The stories that make up the collection of chapters in our personal life book have a lot to do with what we can achieve. Those stories serve as food for our mind and emotions.  Unfortunately, we often choose to pollute ourselves with defeating thoughts.  Some of us believe that we are too good and that the world is lucky to have us; that we deserve to be treated like kings and queens because of our education, earning capacity or status in life.  Others believe that they never get any lucky breaks.

All of these stories serve to deny us from true personal growth and satisfaction.  If you study people’s stories, you will find that a majority keep repeating the same patterns year after year without really finding peace and joy on a daily basis.

It’s possible to have the best laid out goals and find yourself in unknown territory a year from now.  How did you end up in Homestead when the GPS was programmed for South Beach?  We lose our way when we aren’t careful of what we tell ourselves.

Practicing Mindfulness can help us stay on the right path.  Creative visualization when done properly will ensure that you arrive at your destination as planned.  These must be done on a consistent basis and with full on intention.  Real results are directly related to focused practice. 

Most of us make advances in our careers or personal lives yet find that something is still missing.  Coaching can support you in getting where you want to go by putting the methods in place and holding you accountable so that you’ll know exactly where you’re going to be on July 21, 2016.

For the next two weeks I’m offering a limited amount of complimentary 45 minute strategy sessions to the first 10 people that contact me.  Are you ready to set your GPS?

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