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Life Experience that Nourishes and Informs

”Many of us thrive with a mentor, a trusted advisor, a role model nourished by decades of experience, and a witty, compassionate take on life and work. Working with a trainer can help us redirect our focus where we really yearn to go, and attain better performance on the way.

I take an unconventional approach to coaching, using learned coaching methods, a legal mindset and pragmatic guidance from years of business expertise. I excel at guiding people to see things in new and creative ways. By integrating a variety of disciplines, I support my clients – midcareer professionals and businesswomen, legal professionals and entrepreneurs – in owning a greater version of themselves.”
Noelia Moreno

I’ve discovered that coaching provides a supportive forum for us to identify a personal vision, rather than just filling in the blanks of ambition; to design strategies to manage life demands while focusing on our personal growth and development. Having a coach who has been through similar experiences is a valuable tool.

Being around construction for most of my life, the name Life Tools is quite natural for my coaching practice. In addition, I’m a licensed Florida attorney, and my years as a family business owner and in-house counsel have given me a wealth of experience. I’m fully engaged in a coaching practice that’s making a huge impact in the lives of my clients. I coach women entrepreneurs, legal professionals, and family business owners to enable them to perform to their full potential. I train my clients just as a coach does an elite athlete to get them to their definition of success. Together with my clients, we work on devising an Elite Performance Plan so that they have thriving careers to match their set of values – or even plan a successful exit strategy.

Working together, we will:

  • assess your current situation,
  • define your Elite Performance Plan for success,
  • assist you in addressing issues blocking your success, and
  • hold you accountable for the plans you’ve put in place for yourself.